Encantada Ocean Cottages
Enchanting Pacific Experience in Esterillos Este
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A truly magical setting, where the heartbeat of nature sets the pace for indescribable experiences and life changing transformations. Perfect for small to mid-sized groups who crave an easy-to-organize and affordable all inclusive experience. 

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Our beachfront yoga chalet offers cushy padded floors with ceiling fans for added comfort accompanied by built in speakers and a wireless mic for larger groups. Mats, blocks, straps and meditation cushions are provided complimentary for up to 28 people. 

Transitioning  from yoga space to lounge area, we’ve created a beautiful immersive, open air hideout where you can relax with the sounds of the ocean. A place where you can let the refreshing breezes and rolling waves take you to a place of complete surrender and inner peace. It truly is that magical.

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5 days on an adventure

We were beyond thrilled to host the Ketanga Fitness Retreat as featured on Refinery29, we look forward to providing you and your guests with an equally memorable experience. Encantada offers the perfect setting for fitness retreats, weddings, group retreats and family reunions. 

I felt the need for some inspiration and I went out and I found it, right her in Central America. I am completely reset, recharged and creatively refueled.
-Lucie Fink | Refinery 29