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Reclaiming Aphrodite: Surfing and Soul Work

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Retreat to the majestic hideaway EncantadaResort in Esterillos Este, Costa Rica for a week of Surfing and Soul Work. In this Sacred Feminine retreat, we are going to wake up the Inner Aphrodite and let her guide us back into joyful ownership of receiving. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Pleasure, Creativity, Fertility, Oceans, and Flowers. In Greek Mythology, she is considered the Divine Woman, the Alpha-Omega, the lover of All Mankind, and the ruler of the Heart. Many women neglect this portion of their Sacred Femininity to make room for logical Athena energy, or narrow Aphrodite into a simple sexual dimension. She is so, so much more than that! When Aphrodite is blocked, receiving is blocked and we cannot manifest what we desire. What are you trying to draw into your life? Is it time to clear the rubble and make way for the abundance you deserve?  Amidst thepalm trees, lush tropical gardens and the warm chocolate sand beaches of the pacific ocean you will be gently guided into the most mystical and sublime terrain of your inner landscape. We will rekindle the Wild Nature Woman, integrate 'Medusa,' the Pain Body, and become the Divine Mystical Goddess Aphrodite. Get ready to exhale and soak into the Gift of Belonging to yourself. 

Through archetypal storytelling, historical insights, group discussion, daily movement, mindfulness meditation, breath work, Soul Regression, astrological symbolism, quiet reflective time, and silent beach walks, we will begin to deepen the Art of Receiving. It's All about YOU! 

Retreat Leaders:

Jenny specializes is Sacred Feminine Shamanism, Mythology, and Soul Regression Hypnosis. She is dedicated to creating authentic self care systems and helping you align with your unique Earth Purpose. Read More about her work at www.thespiritroot.com

Valerieis an elder of the Wise Woman Tradition, an Herbalist, and KriyaBahn of Self Realization Fellowship. She specializes in creating safe spaces for women to explore their deepest vulnerabilities.

Sabineis a Master Yoga Instructor specializing in breath work, guided meditation, and panic healing techniques. She uses many traditions of yoga to calm the monkey mind, recharge the subtle body, and connect with the beauty and infinite love that resides within."