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Rainforest Rebirth Retreat - Emily Lodge and Jeanie Baker

Talk to the locals in Costa Rica and they will most often tell you their favorite season is the green season; when the rainforest is lush and vibrant, tropical and exotic flowers are in full bloom, and temperatures are perfect. 

The sun makes a regular appearance in the mornings and usually stays out until early afternoon before letting Mother Earth wash over the landscape. The Costa Rica rain is warm and cleansing. 

We believe the green season pairs so well with a healing yoga retreat that focuses on 

YOU;  Self-care, Connection, Release, Replenishing, Renew, Empowerment and REBIRTH

Emily and Jeanie have a scared space they each hold in their heart for Costa Rica. Emily has been visiting there for over 10 years and bring students and friends to this mystical country to share her love for it. Jeanie lived there for 7 years and called Costa Rica home. In those 7 years, the lush Nature of the country, people, and slower pace of life,  connected Jeanie deeper with her soul and her life's purpose.

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